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Mahidhara Luxuria | Open Plots & Luxury Villas in Pocharam, Hyderabad

Located in one of the most serene, calm, and professional corners of Hyderabad, Mahidhara Luxuria is one of the best investments if plots for sale in Hyderabad are the ulterior motive. Mahidhara Projects Group has made a great choice of land, surrounded by Hyderabad's most prominent financial district on one side and the IT hub on the other. Large corporate IT giants that work day and night with dedicated employees hold a great economic development, leading to a great valuation for the residential plots for sale in Pocharam, Hyderabad.

Mahidhara Luxuria is a wide-spread 50-acre land area in the esteemed area of Pocharam, Hyderabad, divided into 727 small open plots for sale in Hyderabad. These plots will host some of the best residential buildings and with the best quality infrastructure, optimum travel and transportation support system, great connectivity to the city interiors and exteriors, and an excellent environment for the upbringing of kids, as well as a residential place for the elderlies to spend their retirement lives in peace.

Location Advantage

With just half a kilometer away from the city's outer ring road, connectivity to the central city is entirely in hands with the service road via IT corridor to Narapally opening towards Uppal, one of the city's main metro crossings. The area is close to GHMC limits, one of the most prosperous and peaceful neighborhoods to hold while selecting residential plots for sale in Pocharam, Hyderabad. Due to the open areas with future developmental possibilities, investment in these plots is a steal deal owing to the leisure and ease of construction without the hassle and much external monetary requirement. The roads connecting the locality are the main roads leading to Outer Ring Road and hence, are wide and best for four-wheeler driving and two-wheeler riding at the same time.

Property Specifications
1. Vastu Vantage

Proper consideration has been provided for all the villas for sale in Hyderabad during their construction. They are adequately built as per Vastu (a belief of Hindy Mythology regarding building construction), and there is a focus on East facing villas and residential plots. However, some of the properties are also North Facing, as is the requirement in some instances, and these are entirely customizable with the investment of some minor amount.

2. Infrastructure

The walls are well plastered by expert artisans, masons, and skilled construction workers to make a nine-inch external wall and four-inch interior walls with cement mortar. The internal walls are plastered correctly in a single coat, and the external walls are re-plastered with efficiency in a double coat. Teak wood, medium seasoned with melamine polish, is used for making the external doors and wall perimeter windows, whereas the frames have been made using seasoned Sal wood, including masonite standard hardware fittings.

3. Interior Designing

The walls are nicely coated with acrylic emulsion paints to avoid damage to the walls and ceiling, and the floors are made of concrete and natural stone. Stairs are made of Granite and are anti-slippery, while the kitchen and bathrooms are fitted with 2*2 valued tiles. The height of kitchen slabs, taps, sinks, door handles, and all electrical fittings are done in a modular design and at a height that is safely accessible by all. They also do not disrupt the design of the entire property.

4. Facilities

24*7 supply of water, RO purifier, AC with proper vents and water disposal, sewage, garbage management, security and gatekeeping, balcony railing, roof gates, electrical fitting, Wi-Fi accessibility junction box and dishes, cable operation facility, mobile tower, and network accessibility and compound wall of proper thickness, support, protection, and security have all been managed and properly arranged.

Daily Needs Assistance

The city connectivity is great with a passage from the outer ring road via Narapally to Uppal that connects the city roads, markets, and metro stations. Public transport services like private cabs, cars, autos, and taxis are also available for market areas and shopping or traveling. Availability of schools, institutional colleges, universities, and multiple educational institutions with extraordinary academic records and excellence are available in the nearby areas, along with transportation and child security facilities. Travel to and from work location is easy due to all day round traffic and continuous movement of vehicles on the well-built roads. Exercise halls, gyms, swimming pools, sports complexes, shopping centers, hangout joints, entertainment joints, and many other places are also connected very quickly due to connectivity to the NH-65 Mumbai Highway that opens inside the city at the main Chowk from where connectivity to any place in the city is easy with metro or private vehicles.Mahidhara Luxuria is a dream work of Mahidhara Luxuria. They have focused on its complete modeling in great detail, keeping in mind the smallest requirements for a person to buy a home and start a family. So send in your inquiries at to book your plots for sale in Hyderabad today.